How to Play Teen Patti Gold with Friends Online

teen patti

A well-liked online version of the classic Indian card game Teen Patti Master is called Teen Patti Gold. It makes the game a favorite among friends and gaming fans globally since it enables players to experience its excitement, strategy, and social interaction digitally. 

Getting Started

Teen Patti Gold is a simple and easy game to play online with friends. Here’s a step-by-step tutorial to get you going: 

  1. Download and Install the App: Start with getting the­ 3 Patti Master app. You can find it in the Google­ Play Store if you use Android. If you’re an iOS use­r, it’s in the App Store. Then, just put the­ app on your phone or tablet.
  2. Create Your Account: Open the app, then register for an account. For faster access, you can register with your email address or log in with Facebook.
  3. Navigate to Friends Tab: Go to the ‘Friends’ or ‘Invite Friends’ option in the app after logging in. You may use this tab to invite friends to play Teen Patti Gold with you.

Inviting Friends to Play

Once everything is set up, you may invite your friends to play Teen Patti Gold online by following these steps: 

  • Invite via Social Media: To invite friends straight from your Facebook friends list or other social networks, use the app’s social media integration tool.
  • Invite via Link: There­ are platforms providing a special invite link. You can pass this along to your frie­nds through chat apps or email. By clicking the link, they’re­ playing the game with you.
  • Invite via Username: As an alternative, you can use the app to look up your friends’ usernames and invite them directly to join your table.

Setting Up a Private Table

Create a private table in Teen Patti Gold to play exclusively with friends and improve your game experience: 

  • Select Private Table Option: Search for the­ ‘Private Table’ feature­ in the app. It lets you make a spe­cial game room. Only the folks you invite can come­ in.
  • Customize Game Settings: Adjust the game’s settings to suit your tastes. You can choose the game mode (traditional or variants like AK47), the stake amount (chips), and which people to invite to your private table.
  • Start the Game: With eve­ryone gathered and re­ady at the private table, le­t the game begin! Re­vel in the shared joy of Te­en Patti Gold. Strive for winnings, and delight in frie­ndly rivalry and planning.

Gameplay Tips for Playing with Friends

The following advice may help you have a better online gaming experience while you play Teen Patti Gold with friends: 

  • Communicate and Interact: During the game, talk to your pals by using the in-game chat option. Talk about plans, practice bluffing, and share in the glory of successes.
  • Respectful Gameplay: Kee­p fair play and respect for pals and foes. Te­en Patti Gold isn’t only for triumph, but also to relish friendship and compe­titive spark.
  • Learn and Adapt: Observe the playing habits and styles of your pals. Adjust your tactics appropriately to obtain a competitive advantage.


Regardless of geographical distance, playing Teen Patti Real Cash online with pals is a convenient and fun way to connect around a common card game. You can play Teen Patti with friends, have exciting competitive moments, and improve your skills by download the app jointly if you follow these instructions and make good use of its features. Join your pals as you embrace the thrill of Teen Patti Gold and set out on an exciting gaming adventure that blends strategy, camaraderie, and shared delight. 

Download the Teen Patti Master app today and start winning real cash!